They brought the baby in as soon as she woke up. It seemed surreal to the 19-year-old. She knew that she had a baby girl because she caught a brief glimpse before they whisked her away, and she fell asleep. Time had lost its meaning for her. Was it still Sunday?

The nurse had placed the baby in her arms. As soon as she left the room the new mother gently laid the baby down on the bed in front of her. She wanted to absorb everything about this new being. They had agreed on Gina Marie, the name of a child she had once cared for and now she was glad of it. The name was short, but melodic. Repeating it to herself, she smiled. A perfect name.

The only light in the hospital room was a small one over her bed designed not to disturb her roommate. There was a strange lovely smell, perhaps the departing nurse’s perfume, which lingered behind. Unidentified, in later years it always recalled the sweet memory of her first meeting with her daughter.

As the young mother slowly unwrapped the baby she marveled at God’s perfect creation in a tiny 7-pound package. The baby responded by mewing softly and stretching, but didn’t appear to be interested in opening her eyes to see her mother. Swaddling her again carefully she marveled at the little bit of yellow duck fluff that crowned the baby’s head.

The mother loved her new baby with a new kind of love; a protective love for this little person who would always remain connected to her. This mother-love overwhelmed her, and she wished she could hold onto it so that it would never leave her.

She smiled when she thought of her new husband who had called her parents’ house only to be frustrated when no one would believe that the baby had arrived. “April fool!” her brothers yelled into the phone, running away and laughing. Disgusted, he handed the phone to her.

Well, it was April Fool’s Day and in a strange way fitting for the young woman who initially didn’t realize she was pregnant. The new mother picked the precious child up, held her in her arms and thanked God for His forgiveness and for the child He had given her. mother and child



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