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Lost at the fair

I had come to the State Fair with my friend, Katie, part of a YMCA youth group trip. The fairgrounds, massive and glittering on a summer July morning, represented both a new experience and a bit of anxiety. Although almost twelve years old and in the eighth grade, I...

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Don’t Fall!

“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” 1 Corinthians 10:12 If you have ever experienced the indescribable joy of a release from chronic pain, then you know how I felt when I wrote Wrapped in God’s Grace, a Life Rediscovered. As I...

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A friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Much of this past year has been a transition for me.  Without the demands of a pressing corporate job, children or even a pet to care for I find that suddenly my time is my own. This new reality presents all sorts of questions. For example, the subject of friends...

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The Intruder

It’s Halloween night. The Kramers are at a costume party next door. Twelve-year-old Kelly is home alone, asleep. Kelly has never believed in ghosts. She’s not afraid of the dark or of being home alone at night. Soon all that will change.

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Waiting for the Lost

Jesu Juva “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons.” (Luke 15:7) Jesus told three parables to explain why he spent so much time with tax collectors and prostitutes. In...

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The Worst Mother’s Day

One pulled the trigger, the other dead, gone forever It happened in a small college town. A late night interaction between two groups of students. I think about these two mothers. One’s son is dead, the other more than likely will go to jail. I can’t stop thinking...

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Something caught her eye.

Standing in the middle of the Goodwill store, something on the shelf two rows away caught her eye. She walked over to investigate and saw a simple white ceramic bowl sitting amidst a variety of dishware. Perfect. She walked in and avoided her husband’s eye. He knew...

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April Fool’s Day, 1973

They brought the baby in as soon as she woke up. It seemed surreal to the 19-year-old. She knew that she had a baby girl because she caught a brief glimpse before they whisked her away, and she fell asleep. Time had lost its meaning for her. Was it still Sunday? The...

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