She began a blog.Family 2013

Her children’s reactions to her blog stumped her.

Aren’t these the same people who don’t like to talk on the phone and only communicate via texting?

Why shouldn’t she enjoy the same privilege in choosing how to dialog with the world?

Each of the four children reacted negatively, but all in different ways.

The oldest daughter, who doesn’t qualify as a millennial, wondered why anyone would want to spend time doing that.

The older son asked incredulously, “What would you write about?”  As if there was nothing she could write that would be interesting to anyone on the planet.

The engineer son was amused and thought it was “cute.” She was offended.  She did not intend nor did she want to be “cute”.  He also offered to edit her work for her as if she couldn’t do it herself.  No, thank you.

All of the times when her children wanted to do something she thought was dumb or meaningless she always supported them.  So is this what happens when you age?  Do you only exist for your children’s amusement?  Or to be fair is it because they have seen their mother in certain roles?  She handles things for them, and is there when they need her.  The rest of the time she is a corporate executive who worked at this or that company in a certain location. They have seen her office and seen her in articles and in videos.

That’s where she lives and that’s where she belongs.  How dare she enter the land of social media.

That’s ours.

This is so different from their past words. She knows because she captured them.  The words they used on multiple greeting cards over many years to describe her as caring, loving, indispensable, a role model, inspirational and more. She even had a magnet that said:

The truth is, even if she weren’t my Mom I would go out of my way to be friends with her. 

Perhaps it should have also said, unless she writes a blog.

The youngest, who had just turned 22, had the most negative reaction. When her mother asked her why, she texted back, “I blog, my friends blog, but mothers don’t blog!”

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