Guest Author, John Savagian (my Dad!)

Guest Author John SavagianIt’s Halloween night. The Kramers are at a costume party next door. Twelve-year-old Kelly is home alone, asleep. Kelly has never believed in ghosts. She’s not afraid of the dark or of being home alone at night. Soon all that will change.

The little cracking sound that the window makes just before it opens startles Kelly awake.  She knows the sound of the sash sliding in its track, followed by the little squeak when it reaches the top. Now fully alert, Kelly looks to the window as her eyes adjust to the moonlight. She sees a large white figure coming through the opening. It has a stark-white face with large black circles where the eyes should be. Arms protrude from the sides with hands that appear covered in white paint. A cold chill runs through her body. She tries to cry out but she can’t. She jumps up and starts to run out of the room, unaware that the intruder has moved into the doorway. All of her forward movement ceases as she runs right in to the huge white monster.

Pure instinct erupts in Kelly. Like an animal she jumps up and frantically begins scratching the white face. The hulk tries to push her away with his hand, but she sinks her teeth into his arm and clamps her jaw shut. The creature cries out with a loud shriek, then with a quick jerk his other arm swings around and a huge white fist comes smashing into Kelly’s head. Kelly cries out in pain but only for a second as her little body hits the wall and knocks her unconscious.

Minutes later, Kelly comes to as she hears the sound of a motherly voice trying to comfort her. It’s a familiar voice, but the face that comes into focus is the ugly face of a witch with tangled hair and a black pointed hat. The witch cuddles Kelly repeating, “Poor baby, Daddy didn’t mean to hurt you.” As Kelly becomes more aware of her surroundings, she realizes that it’s not really a witch but Mrs. Kramer dressed in her Halloween costume. She looks up and sees Dr. Kramer in his ghost costume, his face powered white, black circles painted around his eyes and wearing white rubber gloves. He is holding his arm where Kelly bit him. Little streaks of blood leave tracks in the white powder on his face. Mrs. Kramer continues in soothing tones, “Poor baby, Daddy was locked out of the house. He didn’t mean to frighten you. Isn’t that right dear?”

Dr. Kramer looks down as he shakes his head. “All I know is this. Kelly; you are one stupid, stupid cat.”

Dad at writing class



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