PART 2 – What Finally Made the Difference

In August of 2014, upon the recommendation of a friend, I began spending two hours a week working one on one with a Pilates instructor. I knew nothing of Pilates and rather assumed it resembled Yoga or some kind of studio work. I quickly learned that in spite of what appeared to be a lack of cardio, I began to see a real difference in the way my body performed. More significantly, I began to look at my problems in an entirely different light.

First of all, I was unaware of my poor posture habits and possessed little/no sense of balance. In addition, I had very little strength in my upper body. I had no idea that there were muscles in my feet that I could strengthen, or the fact that my upper body could become stronger, even at my age. Pilates became a game changer for me and made a huge difference in my body’s resilience and core strength. In a little less than a year, my foot pain disappeared and my stamina when walking or standing greatly improved. But the journey wasn’t over yet.

A few months ago, my instructor introduced me to a new system, called the The MELT Method® (MELT®), created by Sue Hitzmann. Here’s how her website describes it:

The MELT Method® (MELT®) is a simple self-treatment that reduces chronic pain. New research has revealed the missing link to pain-free living – a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These two components work together to provide your body support and optimal mind-body communication.

I began with two simple exercises at home with one ball and periodically my instructor incorporated it into my Pilates hour. This month we decided to add an additional hour and practice MELT® on the day in-between the two Pilates sessions. We observed an amazing difference – the combination of Pilates with MELT® appears to have greatly accelerated the connection between my body and my mind.

Clearly, Pilates had had a tremendous impact on my journey, but MELT® ensured that my entire body benefited. Today at 62 I am balanced and have tremendous stamina and energy. I know it sounds too good to be true, but for me achieving a body that works in connection with my mind equates to a wonderful gift and a reason for celebration.

While I know the journey isn’t over, a sedentary lifestyle is no longer part of my vision; instead, the possibilities for my future are endless.

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