One pulled the trigger, the other dead, gone forever

It happened in a small college town. A late night interaction between two groups of students. I think about these two mothers. One’s son is dead, the other more than likely will go to jail. I can’t stop thinking about these women. The momentary interaction of their sons will ripple through so many other lives, changing them forever.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes. As the mother of four children, I have naturally feared for their safety. I know every parent has felt some fear when:

  • a child leaves the house for the first time, perhaps on their bike, or to walk to school
  • they enter high school
  • they take the car by themselves for the first time
  • they don’t come home on time

And isn’t natural that we always always fear the worse?  What about the day when the worse happens? Your child is the one who is gone or your child is the one who hurt others. I can only understand that for each of these mothers their fears have come true.

I pray for each mother in turn, first for the one who got the call that her son is no longer in this world. I wonder if she is a woman of faith and if the thought of a reunion with her son provides her with any peace to the sharp pain and grief her sudden loss.

I pray for the mother who got the call that her son had pulled the trigger, had killed a boy and hurt others. Did she always carry the fear that one day her child would hurt others, knowing her son was capable of acting upon his rage? I pray that she knows God loves her, and her son.

Two lives cut short in one fateful moment. May God grant all mothers who suffer grief and despair his peace and comfort on this Mother’s Day.

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